About Us

Welcome to Honeybee Toys...  

We hope you enjoy reading our story and finding out a little more about us. We are an Australian family-owned business with a passion for childhood and the value of real play.

Honeybee Toys is dedicated to providing natural and wooden toys for imaginative play. You will find all our toys educational, as play is the best education a child can ever have! Our toys are eco friendly, ethically made, non-toxic and chosen with great care. Whether you are shopping online or visiting our toy shop, we hope you will find your shopping experience a pleasurable one and that the toys you find here will bring out the gifts of wonder and joy in the little ones in your life!

When our first child was born in 1998, we soon realised that it was almost impossible to buy beautiful, open-ended wooden toys in Australia. It soon became our dream, not only to source wooden toys for our own children, but to make them available for like-minded families in Australia. And so the Honeybee Toys vision was born.  We took the plunge, left our current jobs, and immersed ourselves in the world of childhood and handmade toys.  We found inspiration from the Steiner education our children attend, and from the wonderful crafts people we meet on our journey. We now have our own toy store in Melbourne, as well as supplying many toy, gift and baby stores around Australia with our enchanting products for babies and children.

We select our toys based on three core values:

Real Play

Forms, textures, colours that nourish the senses and stimulate children's thinking and imagination. We believe toys made with care have a special quality and bring wonder into play. Our toys are open-ended allowing children to imagine for themselves.

Eco Friendly, sustainable, natural materials

We choose all our toys with environmental sustainability and children's health in mind. The majority of our toys are made from timber sourced from sustainable forests in Europe. Our toys have non-toxic and natural finishes - the majority of our toys are Made in Europe, not just "designed" in Europe. We encourage you to do your research when buying toys as sadly many sites claim to be eco-friendly but do not provide supporting evidence.  You can visit our Brands page for more information on each of our Brands we stock and their eco policies.


We don't promote "fair-trade" labels, as all of our toys are made "fairly" and again we select companies that provide information on their production practices.

May your shopping experience with us be a joyful one!

Brendan (Wholesale) & Melissa (Retail).