About Kinderkram

Why we love Kinderkram!

  • Kinderkram is a German toy company (now owned by Ostheimer) that have been making traditional and natural wooden toys for generations. 
  • Kinderkram's specialty is traditional toys for imaginative play, as well as whimsical handpainted children’s décor. 
  • Kinderkram toys are uniquely made and hand-painted to give them a one of a kind feeling.
  • Kinderkram toys are made, not just designed, in Europe.
  • Kinderkram designs have a wonderful combination of modernity and simplicity, and their quality will hold up to generations of imaginative play with beauty and grace. 
  • Kinderkram toys are simple, yet well thought out – from the simplicity of a skipping rope with properly weighted rope, to the ingenuity of their rubber-band powered cars and boats.
  • All Kinderkram toys meet European safety standards and are finished and painted with natural dyes and oils.

Products by Kinderkram

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