Wodibow Chalking to the Moon

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How would you get from the earth to the moon? And if you only have 7 pieces of beech wood to do it? That’s the Chalking to the Moon challenge. You have to use the 7 pieces that make up the puzzle to get from the earth to the moon. If I climb the mountains, I’m closer to the clouds. If I can climb on top of one cloud (without falling), I’ll have reached the stars and from there I can catch a spaceship that leaves me on a satellite that is near the moon. I just need to jump and… mission accomplished.

And because they are chalkboard covered wooden shapes (white on one side and black on the other), you can use colored chalk to draw the ship on them with and also maybe flowers or dots on the cloud. Whatever you want.


Chalking to the Moon contains 7 beech wood pieces coated with chalkboard paint and 6 multi-colored chalk sticks. Each piece is 2 cm thick. It comes in a 19 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm box that weighs 1,11 kg.


Age group: 3 and above

Brand: Wodibow