Waldorf Alphabet Book

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Waldorf Alphabet Book by Famke Zonneveld

Now in its third printing and in paperback!
This new, expanded edition includes an informative essay, "Learning to Read and Write in Waldorf Schools," by master Waldorf teacher, William Ward.
In this delightful, best-selling alphabet and game book for young children, each consonant and vowel comes to life in vivid pictures that show each letter's unique qualities in the world. The vibrant and playful illustrations help children learn the alphabet in the most natural and living way. 
While the picture may not be as clear as the original, how many things beginning with 'M' can you find in the Sample 'M' page? (See above.) There are ... mermaids musing under mountains in the moonlight, mosquitoes, menorah, marionette, monkey, moose, mosque, mouse, marigold, marabou, milkweed. (There is an alphabetical listing for each letter, at the back of the book.)
This is the alphabet book for parents and teachers who want to encourage the most natural development in children. It is ideal for both at home and in the classroom.

Age group: of all ages

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