Goodbye, Mr Muffin.

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"I've had it good, better than most: a very clever and kind wife, a little blue house with its own letter box, six furry little children ..."

In his youth, Mr. Muffin was a strong guinea pig who could carry a whole cucumber on his back. Now old, grey and tired, he looks back on his life. Then one Wednesday morning, he feels a sharp pain in his stomach ...

This picture book is for ages three and up. It tells the touching story about the death of a much-loved pet. Growing old, death rites, the question of the afterlife, all handled with warmth and gentle humour.

Goodbye Mr Muffin won Sweden's August Prize for best children's book and was voted bookl of the year by a children's poll in the Swedish Book Jury of 20002. It won the French Chronos Prize for youth Literature in 2009.

"An utterly enchanting little book about ... life, love and death."

Aftonbladet, Stockholm

Age group: 3 and above

Brand: Floris