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  • By Melissa — March 18th, 2015 in News (1)

    We are very excited to announce the arrival of the brand new Honeybee Toys website!  It's seems quite appropriate that our next site is been launched on Honeybee's 11th birthday and our 25th Wedding Anniversary, since "she" (yes, I'm calling her a girl) has been like the third child in our family....she has given us many sleepless nights, she's needed alot of nurturing, we've hovered excitedely as she took her first steps, we've had to feed her constantly, we've watched proudly as she's grown, and been grateful for the joy, challenge, delight and new friendships she has brought our way.

    So, now as she turns 11, we celebrate with a new website and a fresh new look.

    There are some wonderful new features on our site:

    • an easy to use shopping cart at long last!
    • social media sharing
    • seasonal categories
    • a gift guide
    • "themed" categories to help you plan parties, a bedroom design or find a special gift.

    We have added hundreds of beautiful new products, and we will be adding more in the next few days and weeks, so please keep checking back.

    The virtual doors are open, so please come on in and explore, just like you would in a "real" old-fashioned toy shop, we think you will find it just as playful, joyful and magical as visiting our store in Malvern.

    As in all births, we would like to thank our birthing team.  A big thanks to the team at Gozer Studios, our "midwives" who designed and developed the new site.  We love what they have created, both visually and practically, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for keeping up the work through what has been a very challenging year personally.  And to our staff, the worker bees, who have put in extra hours and encouraged us and supported us through the labour pains.  We love you!

    And finally, a special thank you to you our loyal customers.  You, who share our passion for natural toys and imaginative play and who believe in the magic of childhood as we do. Thank you for supporting us keep the dream alive.  We look forward to continuing to help you nurture the little ones in your life.