About Selecta

Honeybee Toys is the Australian distributor for Selecta.

  • Selecta pride themselves on toys that are educational, safe and fun!
  • Selecta toys use educational pioneers Frobel and Montessori principles in their design
  • Selecta toys are rigorously tested with the assistance and advice of experienced teachers, in families, nursery schools and playgroups.
  • Selecta toys aren’t just “designed” in Germany, they’re “made” in Germany too.
  • Selecta have won many and varied awards for their toy designs.
  • Selecta products are predominently made from hard woods such as maple because long life usage is then guaranteed.
  • Selecta are committed to sustainable forest management.
  • Selecta use only environmentally friendly colours and varnishes, which emphasize and enhance the unique natural beauty of the different woods and which are completely safe, are used for toys from Selecta.
  • Selecta were one of the first manufacturers to improve the surfaces of our baby toys with beeswax giving their toys a soft, velvety seal which allows the warm golden tones of the wood to shine through and the natural aroma appeals to and helps develop the senses of the children.
  • Selecta’s robust surfaces are scratch and saliva resistant and washable.
  • Selecta colours stay bright over many years of intensive use.
  • Selecta toys conform to the highest European and international safety standards.