About Trigonos

About us

At Trígonos, we conceive, produce and market educational toys made of wood addressed to the personal growth of every child.

Trígonos is the cornerstone of our project and it starts when our daughter asks me what did I play at when I was a child. This is when I realize that what kept me busy for hours and hours, what I felt passionate about for years, what I shared with my brother and sister and friends was something very similar to what we know today as Trígonos.

Today, in cooperation with Pere, we make the game go further by improving its geometrical possibilities and introducing new tissue colour ranges. Trígonos is versatile, interactive and evolving and it awakes the insatiable curiosity of kids.

Children love to build a cabin, a labyrinth or a super nook to hide in? Kids have great fun with Trígonos construction games while they can’t stop assembling and disassembling houses, castles or caves. Almost without noticing, they learn subjects such as mathematics and physics.