Pure Silk Baby Blanket Rainbow

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The ultimate baby blanket made with soft and durable silk with a flannel lining makes very special gift for newborns, and often become a child’s special blanky.  They are delightfully soft and silky and wonderfully comforting for little ones. Silk has many special qualities that makes for a good night's sleep.  Made by Sarah's Silks.

The benefits of silk of a silk blanket: 

100% Natural and Hypo-allergenic Silk contain a naturally occurring protein called sericin and 18 other amino acids that are similar to those in human skin, which makes silk mold and mildew resistant. For people who suffer from allergies, silk has a very low tendency of provoking an allergic reaction.  Hugging effect  The hugging effect is silk’s natural ability to drape and wrap around human body.  The hugging effect eliminates any cold spots.  The best part of hugging effect is kids will feel more secure and safe, which will help them sleep better. Light weight & breathableSilk is lighter in weight for the same level of warmth and is a breathable natural material. Durable & Fire retardant Silk fibers are extraordinarily strong and resilient.  A fiber of silk is stronger than a fiber of steel of the same size.   Silk is naturally fire retardant, hence a very safe bedding material for kids. Caring for your blanket:  We recommend hand washing with warm water and a mild soap. It is fine to dry them in a dryer set on low for a few minutes to restore the softness and remove wrinkle. To restore the beauty and shine the silk can be ironed on a medium steam setting.

Dimensions: 100 x 76 cm

Age group: From Birth

Brand: Sarah's Silks