Mini Holy Family, 5 pieces

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Holy Family, set of 5, in miniature. These five key characters create a beautiful centepiece for your Nativity scene. This set will stand alone with elegance, or let it be the basis of your full Nativity collection in miniature. The tallest piece stands only 6.5cm high, so the set is small enough to display on a windowsill, mantlepiece, or workstation.

Loved by generations worldwide, Ostheimer have been handcrafting the finest natural wooden toys in Germany for more than 70 years. Inspired by the (Waldorf) educational principles of Rudolf Steiner, Ostheimer toys are uniquely designed to foster a child’s imagination. Each wooden figure is shaped with love and care with Ostheimer’s signature soft hand-sanded shapes and gentle colours. Slight differences in colour and deviations in the structure of the grain contribute to the special charm of these heirloom toys. 

We consider Ostheimer the truest “eco toys” on the planet with careful consideration given to children, people and the environment from start to finish:  using sustainable European woods from local forests, plant-based water colours and finished with organic walnut oil (as opposed to varnish) to allow the vitality of the wood to show through. All Ostheimer toys meet or exceed strict EU safety testing standards and are vegan-friendly. 

Dimensions: Mary H 5.5cm, Joseph 6.5cm, Child in Cradle H 2cm, Donkey H 3.8cm, Ox H 3.5cm

Age group: of all ages

Brand: Ostheimer