Stockmar Modelling Beeswax, 12 pieces

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Stockmar beeswax modelling wax is an ideal modelling material: clean in handling and absolutely hygienic. It doesn’t smudge, crumble or bleed and its colour is pure and bright because of its high transparency. It is therefore ideal for forming small sculptures and reliefs. By working with modelling wax, children train their fine motor skills. By transforming the material children have sensory experiences that stimulate the imagination and develop their feeling for shapes.

Modelling wax does not dry out, but can be reformed many times over.

Colours ;Ivory, carmine red, vermillion, gold yellow, yellow/green, green, blue, ultramarine, purple, rust, black, pink.

12 sheets each 100x40x6 mm

Age group: 5 and above

Brand: Stockmar