Auris Lyre - Children's

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This beautiful lyre gives a clear, light-filled sound, carried by the tone quality of the craftsmanship. Suitable for little lyre players from age 5 years onwards. Comes with a tuning key and stringing information sheet. The 7 stringed Celestial Lyre is tuned in a pentatonic scale which allow the fingers to move freely over the strings, always producing a harmonious tune. This scale spans over five whole tone steps and is built up by an open fifth tuning. This character often gives rise to a descending musical motive, one could say it is a descending scale. This can often be noticed in folk music from different parts of the world where this scale is used. This lyre is held in the right hand and played by strumming with the left hand.  Handcrafted in Sweden from Maplewood.

Dimensions: 38cm x 17cm

Age group: 5 and above

Brand: Auris