Grimm's monochrome Leonardo sticks*

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Grimm's monochrome Leonardo sticks

"Leonardo Sticks" by Grimm's Wooden Toys

The ingenious constructions of Leonardo da Vinci: with this simple sticks one can create a dome and a bridge, which stand without glue or a cord and without a nail or a screw! Admittedly, one needs a quiet hand and some finesse to set it up. Instructions for dome and bridge included. Combine the Sticks with other building blocks, creating stairs, bridges, houses and other buildings!

New in 2016 is the Grimm's Monochrome series. The high contrast is striking and perfect for someone with vision impairment but also fun for everyone else too. Whether it is a stand alone item or used in conjunction with any of the Grimm's colour or natural range the monochrome range will certainly make its presence felt.

Dimensions: Length 16 cm

Age group: 6 and above

Brand: Grimm's