Reaching For The Moon story CD

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These ancestral tales of wisdom have been lovingly reinterpreted for a modern audience. All of the stories are inspired by Elisa Pearmain’s book “Storytelling to Prevent Bullying and build character: 99 folktales from around the world.”

The musical soundscape is lush: with song and percussion by renowned percussionist Greg Sheehan, guitar by award-winning musician and member of  ‘The Curly Cousins’ Rochelle Wright, vocals by Jenni and Rochelle and mandolin and fiddle by Chris Aronsten.
This double album can be enjoyed by the whole family and is perfect for rest-time, bed-time, long car trips, holidays or anytime! The tales and songs are also highly suitable for pre-school and primary school settings and can be enjoyed alone or used in conjunction with the rich follow-up activities in Pearmain’s book.

Ages 4 to 10

Age group: 4 and above

Brand: The Storytree Company