The Troo Adventures of Salty Pete The Pirate Story CD

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'The Troo Adventures of Salty Pete the Pirate' story CD for kids has arrived!

Featuring four original tales based around the character of Salty Pete (even tracks), four songs (odd tracks), plus pirate riddles.

Meet Salty Pete’s pets: Squawky the Parrot, Zanzibar the Monkey and The Black Spot- a Staffordshire Terrier.

Adventure- each story takes Salty and his Scurvy Crew on a new adventure in their endless search for treasure and attempts to evade the British Navy.

For pirate lovers from 5 - 105 years!!!

Great value with 67 minutes of quality recording.
Acoustic musical accompaniment by Max Strong, Ben Taylor and Chris Aronsten features guitar, fiddle, mandolin, voice and spoons.

Age group: 5 and above

Brand: The Storytree Company