Famille Mirabelle, Chicore Mouse Father

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In the middle of a clearing, under the shade of a large oak tree, you will find nestled together, an adorable family of rabbits and mice called La Famille Mirabelle from Moulin Roty in France.

When the family is all together, there is Chicoré the Daddy Mouse, Rose the Mummy rabbit and their three little ones. The eldest is Noisette the mouse, followed by his younger sister Camomille the rabbit and the very youngest of all is Groseille the mouse.

Chicore is the Father Mouse dressed beautifully in his finely coutured sea green linen overalls and soft cotton shirt. Chicore loves to observe the wind dancing.

Made from soft cotton fabrics, the Mirabelle family are safe for children from birth and will be treasured for a lifetime.


Brand: Moulin Roty