Olaf, Mastodonte Elephant

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Olaf, the magnetic elephant, is part of the stunning Mastodonte animal range from Spanish toy makers, Wodibow.  Cleverly designed from 7 smooth wooden pieces with internal magnets which allow children to construct their own wooden toy. Once assembled, the magnets allow a small range of movement that allow Olaf to nod his head, raise his trunk and wiggle his gigantic ears.

Olaf’s huge ears will surprise you, because apart from their size, they allow him to hear through walls. However, he can hear but he can’t speak, so you’ll have to interpret his gestures in order to know what he's heard out there.

Much detail has gone into these stunningly handcrafted modern wooden toys, the quality of the timber is exquisite making the Mastodonte range a gorgeous addition to a room when play time is over.  Each animal comes in its own individual crate, much like the world’s conservationists would use in their work for transporting wildlife.


Each Wodibow animal comes in two sizes:  large 27cm x 14 x 17 and weighing 2.6kg (yes, it’s big) and small  13cm x 7 x 8, weighing 400g.

The large Mastodonte come with their very own tub of beeswax olive oil blend to encourage children to learn how to look after their animal.

Wodibow Toys are finely handcrafted by expert carpenters in Segovia Spain using sustainable practises and products. Their mission is to create toys that use 100% natural products that don’t contain anything that could pollute or damage the planet, people or animals.

Dimensions: Carton 32 x 32 x 17 cm

Age group: 3 and above

Brand: Wodibow