Drei Blatter Wooden Building Blocks

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How many ways can you assemble 2 different shapes?!  These stunning wooden blocks by Dreiblatter in Germany are made from sustainble beechwood in light and dark (naturally stained) shades. Beautifully weighted and smooth in the hand these unique blocks offer children and adults between 1 and 99 the opportunity to let their creativity run wild and create works of art and construction according to their own ideas and imagination.

The 32 different "building blocks" in " C" and " H" shapes allow for both simple assembly to creative bracing of interesting and solid structures, the ingenious design develops  spatial awareness and 3-dimensional understanding.  We can also imagine them being used in many ways in imaginative play, including building fences and yards for wooden animals and figures!

Made in Germany and finished with natural vegetable oils.

Dimensions: C Block: 15 x 50 x 25cm

Age group: From 12 months

Brand: Drei Blatter